Monday, March 16, 2009

Don’t call it a comeback…for real

I wrote this last week but never published it...guess I need to get on track here :)

The girls and I headed down to South Beach on Saturday (3/7) to spend the day and then go to the Britney Spears concert in Miami. Yes, I realize we may be a bit old for Britney but I like the girl and am pulling for her to make a comeback and get her life together. Dana is certainly the biggest Britney fan so she took care of finding us tickets. If nothing else, I think we all believed it would be a really good show. Traffic from S. Beach to the arena in Miami was insane. We missed half of the Pussycat Dolls because of the traffic. Our first round of drinks (for 4 girls) was $85! That was sign #2 after the bad traffic. Sign #3 for me was when I left to get food and some drunk man dropped his entire glass of red wine on me. His reaction as he kept walking was a small and unconvincing “sorry”. It was probably best that I had nothing in my hands except my purse or whatever it was would have gone hurling towards his head! Thank goodness I had on dark jeans and it mainly just soaked the bottom of my jeans and my feet. It was laid out in the cards by this point that I was just not going to have a good night.

Britney was awful! She had no energy, barely moved when she was supposed to be dancing, and just looked exhausted from the very start of the show. I had heard that she would lip sync a lot and that was fine with me if she would have actually been out there dancing and putting forth an effort. Instead she just walked around the stage while her music played and fidgeted with her unused mic. Her dancers were great and outperformed her in every way. The highlight of the show for me was during a break when her dancers were going off performing and Britney was nowhere in sight. The show was a great idea…being like a circus ring with magic tricks and all the craziness that a circus brings…her execution was just way below average. Dana still really enjoyed the show and was a bit disappointed that we weren’t as into it as her but I think we all just expected more. I think we all agreed that it is highly unlikely that she will finish the tour (this was just her 2nd show!).

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, changed and headed to the after party at Mansion. The place was packed and although we got in pretty quickly through VIP, we still had to pay $20/person. It took forever and a day to get a drink and we got separated from each other within about 30 mins. I felt completely out of my element…too many young, hot, drunk, annoying, pretty, skanky, crazy people packed into one place for me. Sometimes I think S. Beach and all it’s pretentiousness is just not for me…Sat was definitely one of those nights! Sunday saved the trip once we finally made it to the pool and were able to chillax, drink cold fruity drinks and have some good old-fashioned girl time. Then Duke lost and we had to go home so it was back to reality…boo!

Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be making a trip to S. Beach again anytime soon…unless it is just to hang at the beach or something like that. When it all boils down, I am just not the S. Beach kinda girl…and that’s perfectly ok with me!

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  1. I love Britney but bless her heart she is a train wreck right now. I was hoping this new tour would be good, but from your explanation it doesn't sound like it is :)